Home Hacks: The ice cube trick, a practical way to avoid ironing

When it comes to washing, we are always on the lookout for the best tips to keep our laundry clean, fragrant and smooth.

Who would not be fond of the least restrictive and most economical methods? Also, to save time and money, we suggest that you follow our wise advice and experiment with an unusual but nevertheless very effective technique!

So what happens when you throw an ice cube in the washing machine? You will find out by reading this article. We can already tell you that this little-known trick will help you solve one of the most common household problems.

We take this opportunity to give you some preventive tips to make machine washing easier and better preserve your clothes.

Top tips for washing laundry

Even if the linen is too dirty, never opt for too aggressive detergent which would damage the textile fibres.

Always separate dark clothes from colored and white clothes. If you want to whiten your laundry naturally, never add bleach, but instead opt for natural remedies like lemon, white vinegar, baking soda or salt.

All these ecological agents have excellent whitening, stain-removing and deodorizing properties.

It is also better to opt for natural fabric softeners prepared at home with economical ingredients, often already available in the pantry. Opt, for example, for salt and lavender, two non-aggressive ingredients to favor for the preparation of natural fabric softener.

How to avoid ironing clothes?
For those who have a dryer and would like to avoid going through the ironing box, there is an unusual trick.

Simply add three or four ice cubes to the machine and insert the clothes without overfilling it. Proceed to start the drying cycle at high temperature for about 15 minutes. The steam generated by the melted ice makes ironing your clothes a snap. The result is truly stunning!

Are there other ways to avoid ironing?

To avoid ironing the laundry, there are indeed some unsuspected tips.

Have you ever thought about hanging the clothes in the bathroom near the shower.

This method, however little known, is very interesting: when you take a shower, the steam that emerges will permeate the entire environment and this will allow the folds of clothes to smooth out in no time. This will save you laborious ironing!

Another great way to remove wrinkles is to wet clothes with a sprayer and place them on a radiator to dry. It’s amazing !

Finally, here is a little grandmother’s remedy that will appeal to you: it consists of using the bottom of a pot of boiling water to put on clothes and eliminate wrinkles. It sounds weird, but it works!

Tips to make washing easier
Anti-creasing ice cubes

How to de-wrinkle your clothes? Add ice cubes to the dryer, set the drying speed to high and the timer to 5 minutes. When you’re done drying, take your clothes out and you’ll see that you don’t need an iron.

Special towels

For your special towels, we advise you to use one ice cube for light laundry, two for dark laundry and three for very colored laundry.

Ordinary colander
When you manually wash very delicate laundry, such as underwear, avoid pressure and always dry them in the same way. Place them in a regular colander, let the water drain out, and hang the dried laundry directly on the cord.

Hair spray against ink stains
To remove ink stains that are embedded in your clothes, we are going to reveal a radical tip: simply and very lightly apply a little hairspray on the stains, then wipe with a damp cloth. They will disappear immediately!

Keep laundry soft
Tired of having the laundry hard and rough after washing? To keep the laundry very soft, all you have to do is slip a towel into the drum. Alas, this method only works on light and not dark clothes!

Essential oils add freshness
To bring more freshness and delicate scents to your clothes, nothing like adding essential oils during washing. Prefer lemon essential oil which also helps to disinfect linen and remove stains.

Also opt for lavender oil whose intoxicating aroma offers a wonderful scent to clothes.

Aluminum foil sheet
Finally, to make it easier to dry your laundry, use sheets of aluminum foil. No need to use fabric softener! In the dryer, include a large ball of this paper: it will help to discharge the clothes of all static electricity and thus improve the drying process.

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