Home Hacks: How to Get Rid of Bad Odors from the Refrigerator with One Ingredient

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in any household, but it can sometimes develop unpleasant odors. These odors can come from spoiled food, mold, or bacteria, and they can make your kitchen smell bad. Luckily, there is an easy and natural solution to eliminate these odors using baking soda.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and can neutralize bad smells. Here’s how to use it to get rid of bad odors from your refrigerator:

  1. Empty the refrigerator: Take everything out of the refrigerator and throw away any spoiled or expired food. Wipe down the shelves and interior walls with a damp cloth.
  2. Make a baking soda solution: Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of warm water.
  3. Clean the interior: Use the baking soda solution to clean the interior of the refrigerator, including the shelves, drawers, and walls. Scrub any areas with visible stains or mold.
  4. Let it sit: Leave the baking soda solution on the surfaces for at least 15 minutes. This will give it time to neutralize the odors.
  5. Rinse and dry: Rinse the interior with clean water and dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.
  6. Leave the door open: Leave the door open for a few hours to allow the interior to air out.
  7. Place an open box of baking soda: Place an open box of baking soda in the back of the refrigerator to absorb any remaining odors. Replace the baking soda every three months.

By following these steps, you can easily get rid of bad odors from your refrigerator using baking soda. This natural solution is safe, effective, and affordable, and it will leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

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